St. Louis: A Family Affair

Railroad Gates (1928) Edward Hopper

One of the St. Louis families St. Louis Art Museum director Charles Buckley partnered with was the Shapleighs. Warren Shapleigh, President of the Ralston Purina Company, and his wife Jane, an art history major at college, began collecting art in the 1950’s.

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St. Louis: Gateway to the West

Gateway Arch, St Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is a long four hour drive across Missouri from Kansas City. At its outskirts, I have the overwhelming feeling of being back on the east coast, the place of my upbringing. The rolling, forested hills are reminiscent of the swampy backwoods of northern Virginia.

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Hallmark Hopper

Edward Hopper California Hills Hallmark Art Collection

Hallmark is a well-known purveyor of clever greeting cards and sweet telemovies. Its headquarters is a sprawling, subterranean complex on the outskirts of the central business district of Kansas City. Unknown to most, it is home to the five thousand piece Hallmark Art Collection.

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