Tuscaloosa: A Collection Remains

Dawn Before Gettysburg (1934) Edward Hopper Tuscaloosa Museum of Art

It is strange to think of Hopper as a historical painter. ‘Dawn Before Gettysburg’ doesn’t play nicely with the other historical pictures surrounding it in the Westervelt Warner collection in Tuscaloosa.

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Westervelt Warner Collection: Hopper Going, Going…

Westervelt Warner Museum, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Tuscaloosa’s Hoppers were originally in the Gulf States Paper Corporation’s art collection. This is a big timber region. On the way down from Memphis to Tuscaloosa, the mixed pine and deciduous forests are impenetrable. An occasional dilapidated house, with a family relaxing on the porch, breaks up the journey.

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Memphis Mama

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, Tennessee

My journey into the heart of the South begins the next day. Like the rumbling FedEx road trains, I am following the Mississippi south to Memphis. The river glistens in the rainy twilight, its massive breadth a reminder of its huge catchment area.

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